I had a bit of a fat quarter left and made this one to sell.  It's new, never worn.

This is a Size 2:  4.25" - 5.25" W: 10.5+

(see below to figure out your size) 


Crafted from 100% NEW (Spoonflower Printed) Cotton fabrics that have been prewashed to minimize shrinkage.

The nose clip is a double wire flat plastic strip that keeps it's shape, so the mask fits securely over your nose, this helps keep it in place while you talk and help with preventing fogging.

Silicone toggles are used on the elastics so you can easily adjust the fit.


This style of mask has a filter pocket, you can use any non-woven material as a filter, such as: Paper Coffee Filter cut to size, a Tissue, or an Olson Mask filter insert from Amazon. 


How to figure out your size.  (please see the last image above)

If you don't have a sewists/tailor's tape measure, go [ HERE ]  this is a printable ruler. 

Print the pdf at 'Actual Size'. Cut it out and measure your face.


1. Measure from the middle of the bridge of your nose to just under your chin. (L) 

2. Measure from ear to ear across the bridge of your nose. (W)


SHIPPING:  UPS Flat Rate: $8.50

Right now USPS is 15-28 days behind which is why I'm using UPS Ground for all of my shipments.    Unfortunately I'm not shipping International at this time.


Return Policy:  

Because each item is made to order and because of COVID, I will not be accepting any returns or exchanges.

Halloween (Size 2) Olson Cloth Face Mask (Ready Made)