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The Artist 11x17 Open Edition Print

The Artist 11x17 Open Edition Print

"The Artist" is a charming and whimsical chibi self-portrait painting that captures the essence of my  creative spirit. The artwork showcases me, the artist, in a playful and stylized manner.


At the center of the painting, I am depicted holding an oversized pencil and eraser, symbolizing my tools of creation and the ability to shape my artistic vision. The exaggerated proportions of these tools emphasize their importance in my creative process. The pencil represents my ability to draw and bring ideas to life, while the eraser signifies the power to revise and refine my work.


Standing slightly behind me is my beloved cat, Jules, who adds a touch of curiosity and intrigue to the composition. Jules is portrayed as a black cat with adorable bat wings, lending an air of fantasy and mystery to the scene. With a clever break of the fourth wall, Jules gazes at the viewer, questioning their motives and engaging them in a playful manner. This element invites viewers to reflect on their own relationship with art and creativity.


Overall, "The Artist" is a delightful and imaginative painting that captures the essence of my chibi self-portrait. It showcases my passion for art, the companionship of my cat Jules, and invites viewers to embrace their own artistic journey while contemplating the motives that drive them.


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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, my prints showcase the enchanting artwork on acid-free 162 gsm Mohawk paper. This premium paper is specially designed to ensure a high-quality reproduction that faithfully captures the essence and beauty of the original art.


To preserve the integrity of your print during transit, I take utmost care in packaging and shipping. Each print is carefully enclosed in an acid-free crystal clear sleeve, accompanied by an acid-free backing board. I further secure your artwork/print by shipping it flat, in a sturdy box guaranteeing its safe arrival to your doorstep.

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