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Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy:

When you agree to hire me to create artwork for you, there is a certain amount of data you give me (your email address, your name, your home address, etc. ), I will only use that information to conduct business with you.  I will never sell or collect it for purposes other than you hiring me to make you art.  If you have any concerns regarding this, please email me.

If you need a link image, please use this one (resize it to the size you need) ; link to


Artwork Usage:

For personal and professional reasons, I will not allow or grant permissions to anyone to use my artwork for Tubes, Tags, Signature Images or Incredimail layouts.

If you are UNFAMILIAR with COPYRIGHT LAW, please read over the following links:

     •  TITLE 17  CHAPTER 1  § 106A




Why I Watermark:

Back in 2004/5 my entire website and "Deviant Art" gallery were ripped off, tubed and redistributed to the tagging community. Without my permission.  I found those images everywhere, IMVU, Cafepress, Photobucket, where people were making money off of my artwork and I didn't see on penny from their sales.  In fact, their actions ruined my own online sales.

So yeah trusting random strangers, out the window, and I have a complete distrust of any tube/tagging community.
Also it's entirely the reason I don't draw or paint fairies anymore.


Tubing & Tagging:

I will not grant permission to anyone seeking to use my artwork for tubing, tagging, signature images, and stationary. I put a lot of time and effort into my works, and I feel disrespected when I find that someone has taken it upon themselves to deface or alter my work. There are many other artists on the web that allow their artwork to be used for this I am not one of them.


As a general rule I don't and will not enter contests. I'm a professional artist and expect to be treated as such. Entering contests takes time away from my clients and contract work. Besides these contests are not about the better piece of art, it's a popularity contest, which I detest.

Prints & Originals:

I retain all rights to my work whether it's prints or sold originals. When purchased, the buyer has not purchased; the character, copyrights, reproduction rights, nor the right to display this piece in a gallery, in print, or on a web site (either by itself or as part of a collection) without the artists prior permission or proper compensation.

Web Sites:

I've had many requests from people wishing to use my artwork to decorate their web site or their discussion group (yahoo groups or msn groups). The answer is 'NO", If I find my artwork being displayed in this manner without my permission, I will contact your Server Admin or ISP to provide them with the necessary proof and DMCA Forms and have it removed immediately.

My Work as your Tattoo:

I think it's a great honor for someone to like a piece of mine so much that they want it with them forever. If you'd like to use any of my existing pieces for a tattoo, all I ask is that you purchase an 11x17 print to take to your tattoo artist, just let me know if you need a permission certificate. However I will not provide electronic versions of my original sketches or original artwork.


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