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Face Masks

For the first 18 months of the pandemic I made masks, I just had this overwhelming need to help, so I started making cloth face masks and sending care packages. The first ones were the pleated flat masks, but I found them pressing too hard on my nose and making my glasses fog.  So I made quite a few other other patterns till settling on the Olson mask, which I've been making ever since.  I like making masks that fit really well with funky fun fabrics because I want people to like what they're wearing.   I have just recently closed my mask shop, I still have a ton of fabric, I may do a pop up listing if I feel the need to start making them again, so make sure you're following me on Instagram.  I'd like to thank everyone who purchased a hand made mask from me.


Below are pictures of some of the masks I've made, and yes some of the pictures are of me since I have to wear a mask at work.


This page will eventually fall out of date, I suggest taking a peek over at my IG acct.

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