About...  Me.

My name is Connie and I'm an artist, I used to be a  full-time freelance till 2018, I  worked on various projects from Sketch Card Art (Contract Properties and Personal Sketch Card Commissions), Pet Portraits (Regular and Memorial), Graphic Design (Postcards and Flyers), and Character Illustration/Paintings.


I mainly work in Mixed Media of Watercolor,  Acrylic & Colored Pencil or Marker, Acrylic & Colored Pencil, I love portraiture and expressive faces; I enjoy creating art for people, it's deeply satisfying when a patron connects with a piece of my artwork. Because of this, it's important for me to create work that is alive, and meaningful.

My goals have changed since seeking full time employment, I will be working on my portfolio to move towards Childrens Books / Gaming Art.  I would at some point like to return to freelance life, but the atmosphere right now isn't  ideal.  Till normality returns, I will be using my site to showcase my work, maybe even sell a little a long the way.   


Since the pandemic I've become a mask maker, I've been making masks non-stop since April.  You can see some of my masks on my instagram acct, or in my shop.  I make masks that are cute and unique, I just want people comfortable with what they are wearing.

My journey as an artist includes 4 years as a Graphic Illustrator in the United States Marine Corps; I was stationed at Quantico, Virginia. I served during Desert Shield then later Desert Storm, I left the Marines in 1992.

Professional Credits:

[ 1990-2000 ]
Designed The Marine Corps Marathon Logo for 1990
Cover Art for ‘Whatever’ Magazine 1996 (Mary Washington College)
Published in Animerica Vol.3. No. 10.

[ 2004-05 ]
Art for 5 cards for the CCG: ‘Final Twilight’ by Neo Productions
Artwork for the Video ‘Perfect Fit’ by the Dresden Dolls
Halloween Group Exhibition at Echo Gallery in Chicago

[ 2006 ]
356 Sketch Cards for Topps: ‘Lord of the Rings Masterpieces'
160 Full Color Sketch Cards for Brygent Marketing - ‘Vintage Poster Collection Card Set’

[ 2007 ]
200 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - ‘Wizard of Oz Collector Cards Series 2’

[ 2008 ]
650 (?) Full Color & Black/White Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - "Shaw Family Archives Marilyn Monroe Collection'
25 Sketch Cards for Strictly Ink's CSI New York
50 Hand Painted Sketch Cards for Strictly Ink's Ray Harryhausen Collection.

[ 2012 ]
Art for 3 cards for the reboot of Neo Productions - Final Twilight CCG

[ 2014 ]
30 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - NBC Grimm Season 2
30 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - A&E's Bates Motel Season 1

[ 2015-16 ]
41 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Voyager: Heroes & Villians
46 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Next Generation Portfolio Prints
28 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek 50th Anniversary Original Series.

[ 2018 ]
Rittenhouse - Vintage Lost in Space

Upper Deck - 30th Anniversary Aliens

[ retired from sketch cards in 2018 ]