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Being an artist – that's my life's calling, something I've felt deep within since the very beginning. It's like this inner compass that guides me, giving me a sense of purpose that's hard to put into words. As a kid, I found myself lost in my daydreams, drawing, and scribbling, on any surface that caught my eye. Back then, they called me a "gifted" art kid, a label that felt like a secret treasure. High school was a whirlwind of art competitions, where I poured my heart and soul into my art, often finding myself winning First, Second, or Third place.

But there's a pang of longing that lingers, a regret that tiptoes through my memories like a melancholic melody. Art school, a chapter that remained unwritten, yet holds a prominent place in my heart. They say the clock never truly runs out, yet somehow, that elusive dream feels just out of reach.

You'll often find me lost in the pages of my sketchbook, noodling away, — it's like a little window into my imagination. Portraits and expressive faces hold a special place in my heart. There's something magical about capturing emotions on paper, freezing a moment that speaks volumes without a single word. Crafting art for people feels like sharing a piece of my soul. When someone connects with a work on a deep, emotional level, it's like a silent conversation that spans the heart. That's why I pour myself into every stroke and color, weaving life and stories into every piece I create.

My artist's odyssey encompasses a four-year tenure as a Graphic Illustrator in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at Quantico, Virginia. 

Professional Credits:

[ 1990-2000 ]
Designed The Marine Corps Marathon Logo for 1990
Cover Art for ‘Whatever’ Magazine 1996 (Mary Washington College)
Published in Animerica Vol.3. No. 10.

[ 2004-05 ]
Art for 5 cards for the CCG: ‘Final Twilight’ by Neo Productions
Artwork for the Video ‘Perfect Fit’ by the Dresden Dolls
Halloween Group Exhibition at Echo Gallery in Chicago

[ 2006 ]
356 Sketch Cards for Topps: ‘Lord of the Rings Masterpieces'
160 Full Color Sketch Cards for Brygent Marketing - ‘Vintage Poster Collection Card Set’

[ 2007 ]
200 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - ‘Wizard of Oz Collector Cards Series 2’

[ 2008 ]
650 (?) Full Color & Black/White Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - "Shaw Family Archives Marilyn Monroe Collection'
25 Sketch Cards for Strictly Ink's CSI New York
50 Hand Painted Sketch Cards for Strictly Ink's Ray Harryhausen Collection.

[ 2012 ]
Art for 3 cards for the reboot of Neo Productions - Final Twilight CCG

[ 2014 ]
30 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - NBC Grimm Season 2
30 Full Color Sketch Cards for Breygent Marketing - A&E's Bates Motel Season 1

[ 2015-16 ]
41 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Voyager: Heroes & Villians
46 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Next Generation Portfolio Prints
28 cards for Rittenhouse's Star Trek 50th Anniversary Original Series.

[ 2018 ]
Rittenhouse - Vintage Lost in Space

Upper Deck - 30th Anniversary Aliens

[ retired from sketch cards in 2018 ]


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