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Zuni Warrior 11x17 Open Edition Print

Zuni Warrior 11x17 Open Edition Print

My painting serves as an homage to the third segment of 'Trilogy of Terror' called 'Amelia,' which featured the menacing Zuni Warrior Fetish. This particular movie had a profound impact on many school-aged children, including myself, who were genuinely frightened by its terrifying storyline. Even to this day, the memories of that fear remain vivid. In my painting, I wanted to capture the essence of the fright I experienced as a child.


I distinctly recall how, as a young viewer, I would leap from the doorway to my bed, convinced that the Zuni warrior would attack my feet if they were left unprotected. It's amusing to look back now and realize how irrational my fear was, considering it was merely a fictional tale. In fact, I recently rewatched the episode and found it to be quite silly compared to my childhood perception.


Nevertheless, my painting reflects the lasting impact that 'Trilogy of Terror' had on my imagination and the genuine terror it instilled. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of the innocence and vulnerability of childhood, where even the most fantastical stories could ignite our deepest fears. 


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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, my prints showcase the enchanting artwork on acid-free 162 gsm Mohawk paper. This premium paper is specially designed to ensure a high-quality reproduction that faithfully captures the essence and beauty of the original art.


To preserve the integrity of your print during transit, I take utmost care in packaging and shipping. Each print is carefully enclosed in an acid-free crystal clear sleeve, accompanied by an acid-free backing board. I further secure your artwork/print by shipping it flat, in a sturdy box guaranteeing its safe arrival to your doorstep.

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