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Made by Connie Faye: Mask Shop

Welcome to my Mask Shop!

I've been making masks non-stop for over a year now and have made hundreds of masks.    Out of all of the styles I've made, I find the the Olson Mask is the most comfortable, It stays in place, has a filter pocket. I've tried to find fun fabric patterns, because I believe if it's comfortable and cute or stylish people will be more apt to wear it.


I've had many requests for ordering masks. I thought this might be the best way for people to just place orders.
Once my current stock of fabric it's gone, I will not be restocking any fabric patterns.   Depending on how many orders I get, and how much fabric I go through and how long this pandemic drags out, I may reorder a yard or two at a time, just to be able to keep making masks for others.  


If you'd like to see some of my past masks please take a look at the tab 'Mask Maker'.  

**  At this time I'm not shipping International.  I need to look up prices and reconfigure shipping.  I apologize.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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